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Connect your business account to your XERO accounting software and save time and effort on your accounting.

You won't need to supply your accountant with receipts, bank statements or any other paperwork. This cloud based accounting software, works by securely supplying an electronic copy of your Bank of us account transactions direct to your accountant.

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Run your business better & faster

Great for business owners who:

  • Want their accounting and payroll all in one
  • Want to see thair bank statements roll into their accounting software automatically
  • Are looking for online access anytime, anywhere
  • Need unlimited email support

XERO is an online, cloud-based, accounting package which allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their accounting, bank reconciliation, invoicing and payroll from anywhere that they have access to the internet.

XERO allows business owners to provide their accountant with secondary access to their financial information via the online interface so that the business owner and their accountant can work together closely to manage the financial performance of the business.

XERO also allows business owners to register for daily ‘bank feeds’ so that transactional data is uploaded from their financial institution automatically each day. This means that the account information that is presented within the XERO software is kept up to date so that business owners and accountants can make informed decisions about the performance of the business. Registering for bank feeds eliminates the need for customers to upload statement data manually, saving time.

 Is XERO secure?

Yes. Statement data is only provided to XERO after the customer signs an ‘Authority to Disclose Information’ form and returns it to Xero. Statement data is transmitted via secure encrypted links between your financial institution and XERO and cannot be accessed by anyone except you and (if authorised by you) your accountant.

When registering for XERO, customers designate an email address and password to use for login credentials. They are then required to activate their account through a link set to the email address that they nominate.

How to register for XERO Bank Feeds?

Register for XERO bank feeds through their online XERO dashboard.

Customers are required to complete an ‘Authority to Disclose Information’ form (available on the XERO site) with the organisation name listed as it appears in XERO and return this to XERO.

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Visit the XERO website to find out more.


The small, small print:

Please note this information does not take into account your personal circumstances and is general advice only. Before opening any Bank of us account, please read the Account & Access Facility Conditions of Use and our Schedule of Fees and Charges and decide if the account is right for you. Interest rates are subject to change without notice and should be verified with your local Bank of us branch.

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