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Declaring your income

If you’re an employee

You'll need to provide:

  • a current payslip that includes at least 3 months year-to-date income; or
  • a current payslip plus your most recent Group Certificate; or
  • a letter from your employer on business letterhead confirming your salary package arrangements.

If you’re self-employed

You'll need to provide your financial statements and taxation returns (business and personal) for the last 3 financial years. Projected income and expense details may also be required.

If you receive rental income

You'll need to provide a copy of the completed lease agreement.

If you receive a pension and/or benefits

You'll need to provide a current letter from the payer on business letterhead confirming your income, (this includes Centrelink pensions, family tax benefits and Veterans Affairs pensions).

If you receive Child Support payments

You'll need to provide a copy of the maintenance agreement and bank statement evidence of 6 months of continuous payments.

What is the purpose of your home loan?

Purchasing a new home

We need to know you have a deposit and that you’ve managed to save for it. If you’re not a Bank of us client, we’ll need your account statements showing your savings for the past six months.

Your bank or financial institution can help you with this if you haven’t kept records. We can also help you obtain a Statutory Declaration confirming receipt of any non-repayable gift or donation.

In addition, we'll need a fully completed copy of the contract for sale - signed by both you and the vendor. The contract is normally drawn-up by the real estate agent or the seller. Before signing the contract, we recommend that you engage a solicitor to advise you and act on your behalf.


When you're consolidating existing loans, we need to know that they've been conducted satisfactorily along with any relevant details so we can pay them out.

We’ll need the most recent six months worth of statements on home and commercial loans; or three months’ worth of statements on other loans (including personal loans and credit cards).

Building a new home using a contract builder

We’ll need copies of the building contract, insurance certificates, and council-approved building plans and specifications.

Is there anything else?

Remember that taking out a home loan is a big commitment – and life is full of surprises. You can obtain additional insurance towards your loan repayments in the event of death, disability, or involuntary unemployment. Learn more about Loan Protection Insurance.


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