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Looking for a loan that’s not tricky or complicated?

You’ve come to the right place. Life’s hard enough these days, without having to go back to school just so you can compare loans.

Personal Loans


Time to tie the knot or get a new car?

With low interest rates, fast approval and super-flexible repayment options, you can’t go past a super-duper Bank of us personal loan.



We do everyday banking and more.

Whether it’s your ‘go to’ account, you’re saving up for something or want to park your money for a bit... We’ve got you covered!

Term Deposits

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Looking for an account with a little bit more oomph?

You won’t find a better place to park your cash than Bank of us. Open an account, then just sit back and watch your dollars grow.

SmartBanking App

SmartBanking App

Our smart phone app is your perfect partner.

It has all the features you need, plus ones you didn't know you needed, like online PIN change, quick login options, in-app calculators, and so much more!