The Power of PIN

Using a PIN is thousands of times more secure than a signature. Your signature can be forged, but there are thousands of possible combinations for a 4 digit passcode.

Enhance your VISA debit and credit card security with the power of PIN

Did you know that you can authorise your VISA debit and credit card transactions with a PIN (personal identification number) rather than a signature?

Not only is using a PIN a faster way to pay (and gets you through the checkout faster), it is also more secure. After all, it's a lot harder to crack a PIN than it is to forge a signature.

In recognition of this, the Australian payments card industry has developed the PINwise Initiative to encourage the use of PIN instead of signature. As a result, from 1 August 2014, signatures will no longer be accepted when making purchases in Australia.

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Why PIN instead of sign?

A PIN is more secure than a signature. A four digit PIN combination can have thousands of possible combinations, making it more secure than signing. Signatures can be forged and sales people don’t always verify signatures when processing transactions at the checkout.

Do I need a PIN if I travel overseas?

Yes. Many countries now have security chip technology and require a PIN instead of a signature to authorise transactions on credit and debit cards. Without a PIN, a merchant may decline your transaction. If you have forgotten, or do not currently have a PIN, contact us at least 7 days prior to departure.

Top tips on choosing and remembering your PIN

  1. Avoid popular or obvious number sequences like 1234 or 6789.
  2. Don’t use numbers that are easily associated with you such as your date of birth or telephone number.
  3. Random combinations of numbers are best and harder for criminals to guess.
  4. If remembering your PIN is difficult, try breaking it down into two lots of numbers, for example 4175 might be remembered as forty-one and seventy-five.
  5. Combining numbers which mean something to you is a good way of remembering, for example your favourite AFL football player’s shirt number and favourite soccer player’s shirt number.
  6. Some people find it helpful to visualise the pattern the numbers make as they are entered on the keypad.

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