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Term Investments

If you have more than $5000 to lock away, talk to us.

We can help out with a number of different terms and great interest rates.
At the end of the term, you’ll have full access to both the principal and the interest you’ve earned. Then you can re-invest or not, it’s up to you.

Regular Income Investments

Bills don’t stop arriving when you stop work.

Make the most of your retirement income by opening a regular income account with us. All you need is $5,000 or more, and be ready to invest it for a fixed term of one or two years. You'll then start receiving interest payments every month, credited directly to your nominated Bank of us everyday account, or re-invest it – it’s your choice.

The small, small print:

Please note this information does not take into account your personal circumstances and is general advice only. Before opening any Bank of us account, please read the Account & Access Facility Conditions of Use, Summary of Accounts, Availability of Access Facilities and Transaction Limits and our Schedule of Fees and Charges and decide if the account is right for you. Interest rates are subject to change without notice and should be verified with your local Bank of us Retail Store.