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Home Loan Application Checklist

To make sure we have on hand all the relevant details to consider your home loan application as quickly as possible, we've put together a checklist of documents you'll need to present. 

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Personal identification (if a new client to Bank of us)

  • One primary photographic form of identification – driver’s licence, passport or photo ID (e.g. proof of age card). OR
  • One primary non-photographic form of identification – birth certificate or citizenship certificate. AND
  • One secondary form of identification – Medicare card, utility bill (less than three months old), rates notice (less than three months old) or tax assessment notice (less than 12 months old).

Personal income details

  • Employee (PAYG) – a current payslip that includes at least three months year-to-date income, or a current payslip plus your most recent group certificate, or a letter from your employer (on business letterhead) confirming your salary package arrangements.
  • Self-employed – your last three years of financial statements and tax returns (business and personal), along with accountant’s details.
  • Government income (e.g. Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs) – a current letter from the payer confirming income.
  • Child support – a copy of the Child Support Agency maintenance agreement and bank statement evidence of six months of consistent payments.
  • Rental income – a copy of the fully completed lease agreement or a letter from the real estate agent on business letterhead, providing a written market rental appraisal.
  • Details of any other income you receive (e.g. shares, investments or trusts).

Financial position

  • Assets – details of all existing assets you own or have an interest in (e.g. motor vehicles).
  • Savings – at least six months of current account statements confirming proof of savings (minimum 5% of purchase price).
  • Superannuation – your latest superannuation statement(s).
  • Liabilities – at least three months of current statements of any existing loans and credit card/store card facilities.
  • Insurance – details of existing home & contents or landlord’s insurance along with details of current income protection, term life, TPD or trauma insurance.
  • Expenses – details of any extraordinary expenses (e.g. private school fees, maintenance payments).

Borrowing purpose

First home owner (if applicable)

Purchase (if applicable)

  • Contract of sale – dated and signed by vendor and purchaser.
  • Solicitor’s/conveyancer’s name, address and phone number.

Construction (if applicable)

  • Contract builder – council-approved building plans/specifications, fixed price building contract and insurance certificate of currency.
  • Owner/builders – council-approved building plans/specifications, detailed costings, fixed price quotes and insurance certificate of currency.

Refinancing (if applicable)

  • Six months of statements for the loan you wish to refinance.
  • If possible, a current payout quote for the loan(s) you wish to refinance, including current fees & charges and any applicable early repayment costs/exit fees.

Paying out a joint owner (if applicable)

  • Providing a copy of a solicitor’s letter stating the amount required to pay out the other person.
  • A copy of a court order, if orders under the Family Law Act or Defacto Relationship Act are to be complied with.

This checklist is a guide only.

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