Supporting Tasmanians in the new normal

St.LukesHealth, Bank of us, and Tasplan have joined forces to support the financial, physical and mental health & wellbeing of Tasmanians.

St.LukesHealth, Bank of us, and Tasplan have been part of the Tasmanian landscape collectively for more than 240 years and have now come together with a shared vision to support Tasmanians to get back on their feet.

The three organisations are committing $100k to support a range of initiatives that will help to shape the new normal for Tasmanians.

St.LukesHealth CEO Paul Lupo said the three organisations share the same values and have always worked to help Tasmanians through the good and the bad times.

“Our organisations have been working alongside each other on the ground for many years now and with COVID-19 presenting new challenges for our communities, it simply made sense to formalise this relationship for the benefit of all Tasmanians,” Mr Lupo said.

“Our people, our members and our customers are Tasmanian which gives us some insight into what makes Tasmanians tick, but we don’t presume to know what it is that will be important to our communities as we venture into this new territory of post COVID-19.”

Bank of us CEO Paul Ranson said while the partnership kicks off with a campaign that highlights the three organisations’ stories, what they really want is for other Tasmanians to share their stories.

“As Tasmanians, we are all dealing with the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on our communities, our families and our businesses and we want to know what Tasmanians think will help us get through these unprecedented times and thrive once again,” Mr Ranson said.

“And equipped with this knowledge we’ll be able to support those initiatives that will make for a stronger and healthier future.”

Tasplan CEO Wayne Davy said by joining forces, the three organisations will be able to make a real difference.

“We’ve always been about helping Tasmanians, whether directly through products or services or by contributions to, and engagement with our local communities,” Mr Davy said.

“We believe that trust is earned and that only comes as a result of providing continued quality services over a long time.

“As three Tasmanian organisations who have been a part of the fabric of the local community for many years, we take our responsibility to not only help Tasmania to get through these unprecedented times, but to find an even better way of living, very seriously.”

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