Important changes to our ATM network

From 1 March 2019, we will no longer be part of the rediATM network.

We’ll be removing the ATMs from our Retail Store locations and it also means that if you use a rediATM from 1 March fees will apply.

We originally became part of the rediATM network to give our customers access to 3,000 fee-free ATMs. Since the major banks removed their ATM fees, there are over 10,000 fee-free ATMs you can use to access your money.

It always pays to check the screen of any ATM you use in case there is a fee.

Why did we make the decision?

It’s due to the changes in the way that we all use money, that led to our decision to exit from the rediATM network.

We’re fast becoming a cashless society. More and more people are choosing to make payments online or by card rather than use cash.

And as a result, the use of ATMs is declining but the cost to provide them is still high. The good news is that the money that once went to pay for the ATM network will go towards developing more payment options for you, like mobile phone payments.

But there will be still times I need cash and there’s not an ATM around?

Of course, sometimes you just need cash and what’s great is there are so many, very convenient ways to access your money. You can withdraw cash when you buy groceries or pay for petrol, for example or you can withdraw money the next time you’re in one of our 8 Retail Stores across Tasmania – we’d love to see you.

If you’re a regular rediATM user it might take a little bit of getting used to, so here’s the key points to remember:

  • From 1 March 2019, Bank of us is leaving the rediATM network
  • You can use any of the major banks’ ATMs without being charged a fee
  • You can get cash out when you make purchases like your groceries or your petrol
  • If you use a rediATM from 1 March, you’ll be charged a fee
  • It always pays to check the screen of ATM you use in case there is a fee

Changes to your 'Schedule of Fees and Charges':

In preparation for our exiting the rediATM network, we will stop charging the ‘Self-service – rediATM transaction” fee effective 1 January 2019. This fee only applies to our Pension Advantage, Business Advantage, Everyday Advantage, Smart Advantage, Loan Saver and Resi-Invest Advantage products. An updated ‘Schedule of Fees and Charges’ for these products is available from your local Retail Store, by calling 1300 306 716 or online at