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Scenario 1

Sarah is single, with no children and wants to purchase an existing home.

Scenario 2

Jack is divorced and single with two dependent children and wants to purchase an existing home.

Scenario 3

Louis and Courtney are married with three dependent children. They rent a Housing Tasmania home and want to purchase a new home through an affordable housing program.

Scenario 4

Nicole and Josh have two dependent children and want to purchase a residential block of land to build on.

The above scenarios have been provided for information purposes only to demonstrate what both the future sale and purchasing of the Director of Housing’s share of a property which is part of the MyHome program may look like based a potential future state. These scenarios and the associated assumptions and calculations should not be relied upon to form an opinion as to whether the MyHome Share Equity Program is right for you. Bank of us can provide more detailed calculations supporting the above scenarios and further describe the hypothetical variables used. Standard fortnightly loan repayments on a variable interest rate home loan were used at current market rates as at the time of preparing these scenarios which may change without notice. You should refer to a Bank of us Home Finance Specialist for further details regarding your own personal situation and purchase property type and the qualifying rules of the MyHome Share Equity Program.

The information above is not financial or other advice. It has been prepared without considering any person’s objectives, financial situation, or particular needs. In all circumstances, the decision to apply to enter into the MyHome program, a home loan arrangement with Bank of us, and the choice of property to purchase, is your own responsibility. You should seek your own independent financial and legal advice as to whether a particular home loan or property, and the terms of the program, suit your personal circumstances and objectives.

Bank of us lending criteria, terms and conditions , including fees and charges apply. Full details are available on application.