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Money in Minutes is a fast, secure and convenient way to transfer money to overseas destinations ... funds can literally be collected within minutes of being sent!

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Why use Money in Minutes money transfer?

  • Transfer money anywhere in the world in minutes (great in the event of an emergency).
  • There are more than 485,000 agents located in over 200 countries and territories worldwide so you can find one wherever you are.
  • Only the sender pays a fee, so the receiver is not surprised by a fee when collecting funds.
  • You don't need to know the bank details of the receiver, you only need to know which country they are in.
  • Sender can receive SMS notification when funds have been collected.
  • Repeat customers can speed up a transaction by simply stating their mobile or Western Union Gold Card number.
  • Western Union has been providing money transfer services for over 135 years, so you can trust their reliability.

Who can use a money transfer?

  • Anyone needing to send money overseas in an emergency.
  • People who regularly send money to overseas destinations, for example - individuals working in foreign countries and sending money home on a regular basis to family and friends.
  • Special occasions - sending money for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Chinese New Year.
  • Students and Travellers - people overseas who need support from home to cover travel expenses or student fees.

What do I need to know to send a money transfer?

You will need to know the receiver's full name and the address of their current location, you can even use their hotel address. The sender needs to advise the receiver of the Money Transfer Control Number so that the receiver can collect the money. When sending money you will need to supply a photo ID, such as a Drivers Licence or Passport.

What do I need to know to receive a money transfer?

You will need to know the sender's full name and address and the Money Transfer Control Number.

How do I send a money transfer and what is the cost?

Sending money is easy, there is only one form to complete to send or receive money and this can be done at your local branch. The cost of a money transfer depends on the destination of the funds and the amount being sent. Simply ask for a quote in-branch.


Things you need to know:

Bank of us acts as an intermediary in offering this service and any contract entered into for the provision of this service will be with Western Union. Bank of us does not guarantee and is not responsible for the performance of this contract.

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