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Got a mobile phone? Then you can access your account around the clock - see how much money you have and what you've spent it on, transfer money, send an Osko payment or pay your bills using Bpay® plus heaps more. Download our SmartBanking App now!

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New Features:

Manage your VISA card using our SmartBanking App. Think you've lost or misplaced your card? Use the 'lock' function to stop debits to your card while you search for it. You can even go that extra step and request a replacement card if you know it's lost or stolen.

Can't remember your PIN or you think it may have been compromised? Now you can select your own PIN using the App (or Internet Banking).

You'll find all these super-duper new features in Card Management (just swipe to page 2 of the App). 

An App that's every bit as good as the big banks'

Our SmartBanking App is your perfect partner.

Super secure and ever-so convenient, you can check your account balances, transfer money and make BPAY payments using your mobile. The option of a 4-digit PIN, Touch ID or setting a pattern (depends a bit on if you're Team apple or android) makes logging in and transferring funds even faster than before. The App also has a 'quick look' view accounts option, that lets you see your primary account balance in real time (handy for those 'have i got enough money' moments).

The App gives you direct call access to our Customer Service Centre and Lost & Stolen Cards Hotline, lets you set up a 'Savings Goal' and shows you where to find our Bank of us branches - don't leave home without it..

Download for free today.  


Supported Software:

Android - 4.2 or later | Apple - iOS9 or later



SMS alerts

Say goodbye to overdrawn accounts and missed loan repayments, and say hello to instant notifications of credits and daily account balances, all sent directly to your mobile phone via text message.

Receive SMS alerts for:

  • account balances on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis;
  • upcoming home or personal loan repayments;
  • deposits or credits, such as your salary, to your account;
  • low account balances.

To activate Bank of us SMS alerts log onto Bank of us internet banking and select the 'Other' tab.

The small, small print:

To use Bank of us mobile banking services you need to be registered for Bank of us internet banking. Find out more.

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