You'll notice that our app has had a makeover

It has a smooth new look and feel with lots of handy features. 

Important Info

  • You need to be registered for Internet Banking to use the app. 
  • You'll need to know your Internet Banking login details to login to the app the first time.
  • If you can’t remember them, get in touch with us. Drop into one of our stores or give us a call 1300 306 716 and we’ll give you a hand.

Available now

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All the great features you'll find in our SmartBanking app

App2 Intuitive Design App2

Intuitive design

The smooth design makes it easy to manage your money on the go.

App2 Make Payments App2

Make payments

Transfer money, set up ongoing payments, manage payees and manage Two to Sign payments.

App2 Manage your cards App2

Manage your cards

Lock/ unlock your card, replace a lost or stolen card and activate a new card.

App2 Quick Balance App2

Set up a quick balance

See your account balance without logging in.

App2 Savings goal App2

Set up a savings goal

Keep your personal money goals front of mind.

App2 Secure Login App2

Simple and secure login options

PIN, pattern, fingerprint, FaceID or Touch ID. Choose your preference.

App2 Handy Stuff App2

Handy stuff

Tell us when you’re travelling overseas, set default payment amounts and change the order of your accounts.

App2 Secure Messaging App2

Secure messaging

Send documents and communicate securely with us.

SmartBanking app FAQs

We think you’ll find the SmartBanking app easy to use. Here are some FAQs to help you get started. 

I'm new to the app, what do I need to do?

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

You need to be registered for Internet Banking to use the app, if you aren't register now!

You'll need to know your Internet Banking login details to login the first time. Give us a call 1300 306 716 or drop into a store for help.

How do I login to the app?

The first time you login, you'll be prompted to enter your Internet Banking details. If you can't recall them, get in touch with us.

Then you'll be prompted to set up a PIN, pattern or continue logging in with Internet Banking details.

If you prefer using biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID), you'll be prompted to set this up after you've set up a PIN or pattern.

How can I learn about how to use the SmartBanking app?

An app tour will automatically display the first time you login.

To access an app tour again:

  • Go to the Main app menu in the top left hand corner
  • Tap ‘Contact and support
  • Tap ‘App Guided Tour

What happens if I don’t update my app?

The old version of our SmartBanking app was retired on 30 April 2024. The old version will no longer be available after this date. To keep your banking running smoothly, we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version. Get in touch with us if you need help with this.

Can I lock my card until I can find it again?

Yes. You can lock and unlock your Visa Debit & Credit Card.

• Go to the 'Manage Cards' section by using the Main app menu.

• Or from the ‘Cards’ icon on the bottom right hand corner on the app home screen.

• Tap the ‘Lock card’ icon.

Can I set a 'Quick Balance' amount?

You can quickly view the balance of a nominated account by swiping left from the home screen. A great hack if you're in line at the checkout and need to check you have enough $$$!

To set up- swipe left from the home screen to get to the ‘Set up quick balance’ screen.

Tap ‘Setup’ and follow the prompts. Your Quick Balance account will now appear when you swipe left from the homescreen (you don’t need to login to see your quick balance).

What do I do if I lose my phone?

If you have the new version of the SmartBanking app installed on multiple devices, you can login and de-register your lost device.

From the Main app menu, go to ‘Settings’ (scroll down) to ‘Manage devices’.

If you only have one device, contact Bank of us during regular business hours and we can de-register the device for you.

How do I change my card PIN number?

Simply tap 'Cards' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Select the card you want to update the PIN for and tap 'Change PIN'.

Well that was easy!

Can I approve my ‘Two to sign’ payments in the app?

Yes. Go to the Main app menu on the left hand side. Select ‘Pay’

Select ‘Authorisation requests’ at the bottom of the menu.

Can I change the order that my accounts appear in the app?

Yes. To change the order your accounts appear in you SmartBanking app:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ via the Main app menu
  • Scroll down to ‘Re-order Accounts’, the last menu item
  • Use the arrows to move your accounts up or down in the list.
  • Use the back arrow to return to the home screen.

Your changes will save automatically. Once you are happy with the order of your accounts, simply return to the home screen and the changes will be applied.

Users were able to add a picture behind their accounts to assist with ordering and identity in the previous version of the SmartBanking app. This feature is not available in the new version.

How do I transfer between accounts?

Go to the Main app menu on the left hand side, choose ‘Pay’ then ‘Transfer’. You can also select ‘Pay’ from the bottom of the screen.

  • Choose the From / To accounts
  • Enter Amount and Description
  • Choose to Pay now, Pay later, Recurring Pay
  • Check details on Transfer summary screen

Now you can view your Receipt (and share it via the share icon in the top right corner)

Why can't I see the details of my saved payee?

There is a known issue where the BSB and account number of a saved payee may not be visible. This occurs for Bank of us accounts when the pay type is set to Standard Payment We are working to fix this issue.

To avoid this issue, delete the payee and re-enter their details, select the pay type as Osko. Then the BSB and account number will display correctly.

Can I use screen readers with the SmartBanking app?

Screen readers (used by visually impaired users) currently do not work with the new version of the SmartBanking app. We're working to see if this can be resolved.

Screen readers can be used on our mobile banking site. To access from your mobile device, go to the Bank of us website, select the Logon logo in the right hand corner, then select ‘Visit mobile banking’.

How do I set up a savings goal?

You can set up a savings goal by swiping left twice from the homescreen. Tap the ‘Set up’ button.

Complete the details and get saving! You can check your progress by swiping left twice from the homescreen.

Savings goal can also be turned on or off via Main app menu > Settings. When turned off it will not display on the homescreen.