Have you updated to the latest version of our SmartBanking app? Many phones will automatically update, but to be sure you're using the most up-to-date version, we suggest you check in case you need to manually update your app in your phone's app store. The new version has important security updates and bug fixes which means we're retiring the old version. Update now to have uninterrupted access.

The Bank of us SmartBankingapp will become your BFF before you know it! 

Registered for Internet Banking? Then you’re set. Just download the app and start banking right away. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Check your account balances and transaction history.
  • Transfer between your own accounts or to any bank account within Australia.
  • Pay bills with BPAY payments.
  • Access your accounts with a 4-digit PIN, Touch ID or swipe pattern authentication.
  • Add and delete new payees and billers directly on your phone.
  • Schedule and manage recurring payments.
  • Find your nearest Retail Store.
  • Use tools and calculators and see how much you can save or borrow.
  • Set up savings goals and track your progress.
  • Stay on top of our current interest rates and fees.

Download for free today. 

Need to lock your card until you can find it again?


Swipe left and tap 'Card Management'.

Now you can swipe to select the correct card (if you have more than one)

Select 'Lock Card' to stop your card from being used until you can find it again!

Set a 'Quick Balance' account


Setting a Quick Balance Account allows you to double tap 'View Accounts' on the home page of your App to check the balance of that account. A great hack if you're in line at the checkout and need to check you have enough $$$!

Log into your App and tap the menu in the top left corner.

Choose 'Settings' and 'Set Quick Balance Account'.

Want to change your card PIN number?


Simply swipe left and tap 'Card Management'.

Select the card you want to update the PIN for and tap 'Change PIN'.

Well that was easy!