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Part of being prepared for travelling overseas is having some of the local cash to use on your arrival. This is great for those small but important purchases on arrival, such as a coffee at the airport, or a taxi to your hotel.

Like to know more?

Ordering foreign cash is fast and easy and can be done through any Bank of us Branch.

There are more than 40 currencies available and most can be ready for collection within 48 hours of placing your order - although we do recommend you place your order at least one week before departure to avoid disappointment.

Currencies available include USD (US dollars), GBP (Great British pounds), EUR (Euros), THB (Thai baht), SGD (Singaporean dollars), NZD (New Zealand dollars), HKD (Hong Kong dollars), CAD (Canadian dollars) and JPY (Japanese yen).

How much does it cost to order Foreign Cash?

For orders under $1,000, it's just a straight $10 fee and for orders over $1,000 the fee is 1% of the total currency purchase.

Ready to order?

Simply call into your local Bank of us Branch today.


The small, small print:

Bank of us acts as an intermediary in offering this service and any contract entered into for the provision of this service will be with Travelex. Bank of us does not guarantee and is not responsible for the performance of this contract. Travelex (ABN 36 004 179 953, AFSL Number 222444) arranges for the issue of the foreign cash in conjunction with the issuer, Bank of us. 

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