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Bank of useful ideas

So many Tasmanians have a great idea that would improve their community but often, they don’t feel that they have the capacity or confidence to make it happen.

The Bank of useful ideas can change that.

Instead of providing grants or sponsorships, the Bank of useful ideas will support ideas that specifically answer your community’s needs.

We launched this initiative in Burnie in September 2019 and agreed to support 4 amazing initiatives. We are currently delivering this initiative to Rosny and surrounds. To find out more click the link below.

One for All

We care about the community we do business in, and over the year’s we’ve been able to support some of Tasmania’s leading events, and engage with local community groups, sporting clubs and charity organisations.

To complement the Bank of useful ideas, we’ve developed the One for All account – an account that will make sure that our community financial support will be distributed to the causes that our customers are deeply passionate about.

Open a One for All account, nominate to support one of our Recipient Community Organisations and at the end of the financial year, Bank of us will contribute 1% of your average annual One for All balance to your nominated organisation.