Visa Cards

A Bank of us credit card doesn't come with application fees or extras you really don't need, just one simple low rate!

Visa Credit Card

9.99 p.a.


And that's for purchases, cash advances and BPAY too.

Credit Card

Visa Credit Card

A Bank of us Visa Credit Card is nice and simple

It gives you all the features you’d expect from a credit card accepted at more than 24 million outlets worldwide, with the extra benefit of up to 57 days interest free and a low annual fee.

A Credit Card Key Fact Sheet will help you to compare our Visa credit card with those of other financial institutions.

Debit Card

Visa Debit Card

Just like a credit card, without the credit!

Bank of us Visa Debit Card gives you all the functionality of a credit card, but using your own money.

It's a great alternative to a credit card, still enabling you to bank how and when you want - online, over the phone or in-person using the power of Visa (worldwide).

Travelling overseas

Cash Passport™ Platinum Mastercard®

Access to 2.1 million ATMs and 35.9 million merchants globally!

The perfect travel companion for your next international adventure, a Cash Passport is a prepaid travel money card enabling you to access your money at more than 35.9 million merchants and 2.1 million ATMs globally.

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa helps ensure that payments made at participating online merchants are more secure. 

As a Bank of us Visa cardholder, you are automatically protected by this free service. Verified by Visa assesses the fraud risk of the transaction based on several factors for your convenience and protection. In most cases Verified by Visa works behind the scenes so you won’t be interrupted when shopping online. 

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Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost Card Hotline

Within Australia: Freecall 1800 653 326
Overseas: +61 3 6421 4461

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The small, small print:

Terms and conditions including fees and charges apply. Bank of us lending criteria also applicable for Visa credit cards application. Full details are available on application. Interest rates are subject to change without notice and should be verified with your local Retail Store.