Business Loans

Our business loans offer some very important differences: all the important decisions happen right here in Tasmania, which means we're much quicker and more flexible, as only a 100% Tasmanian bank could be.

Business Loan

Principal & Interest or Interest Only. You choose.

A Bank of us business loan can help your business expand or take advantage of market place opportunities.

Business Loan

Secured with residential property

A great competitive variable rate for business lending secured with residential property.

Small, Small Business Loan

So you can just get on with it!

A Bank of us small, small business loan is perfect for buying that new work vehicle or upgrading your tools, and what’s even better, we've made it super simple to apply (think less overly complicated paperwork).

Combine it with a Bank of us overdraft and a transaction account and say 'No!' to bank-induced headaches!

Business Overdrafts

Managing your day-to-day business finances is easy with a Bank of us Business Overdraft account.

Take control of your cash flow with a Bank of us Business Overdraft. With a flexible repayment term, you'll be able to ride out those unexpected business expenses.

Business solutions

Running a business isn't easy and we get that. Ask us how we can help make it easier.

Bank of us lending criteria, terms and conditions, including fees and charges apply. Full details are available on application.