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Our helpful online calculators will help you work out how much you may be able to borrow, and what your loan repayments are likely to be.

Like to know more?

Borrowing Power Calculator

Use the Borrowing Power Calculator as a guide to how much Bank of us may be able to lend you, and how much your repayments will be on the maximum amount calculated.

Loan Comparison Calculator

If you need help deciding between two of our loans (or comparing one of our loans against a competitor) you can use the Loan Comparison Calculator to compare two loans of the same loan amount and term.

Extra Repayments Calculators

See how your loan would be affected if you were to make extra repayments or a lump sum repayment.

The small, small print:

Before making any investment decisions (including any decisions made on the basis of this information) you need to consider, or seek advice on, whether the information is appropriate in light of your particular investment needs, objectives, and financial circumstances. Bank of us recommends you read the Product Disclosure Statement before acquiring any product.

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