If you’re planning on heading away for a caravanning trip around Australia, it’s important to make sure you plan properly. Planning well makes for a more enjoyable trip, less surprises, and of course extra safety. Here are a few tips from our good friends at CGU insurance for prepping your caravan this season.

Safety first

Pack your caravan with all your necessary medications for the trip, plus prescriptions in case you need to stock up on the way. Ensure to have a well-stocked first aid kit also. This should include items such as Band-Aids, compression bandages and dressings, sun cream, insect repellent, disinfecting lotion, antibacterial creams, and paracetamol to cover the basics. It’s also essential to have a fire extinguisher on board the caravan as well as a fire blanket in case of emergencies.

Know your caravan

Get to know the functionality of your caravan before setting off. Know its weight limit and don’t go over, this ensures not only energy savings and lower fuel consumption, but safety on the roads. It’s important to know how to use and drive your caravan correctly to get the most out of it and drive it safety on the roads.

Basic stocks

Caravanning often means you need to be self-sufficient on the road. Bring plenty of water, spare fuel, and unperishable foods in case you meet an unexpected situation or travel for long distances between towns without the ability to re-stock and re-fuel. And of course, if you’re bringing your pet, don’t forget their food too.

Clever design

Head over to your nearest caravan equipment store and stock up on kitchen accessories which are unbreakable and sturdy. There are many cleverly designed items you can stock in your kitchen and caravan which can save time and space.

Be tech ready

Don’t forget the two-way radio so you can communicate with other drivers if you need to in the outback. A GPS is also handy to get around, and take your chargers and electronic devices you need to keep in touch.

Shed some light

When night time sets in you’ll want some light so you can get around the campsite if you need to or so you can sit outside the caravan enjoying the evening. Torches and batteries are essential; however, you can also grab a solar powered flash light and motion sensor lighting for outside the caravan.


Before packing your clothes for the trip, consider the weather of your location and activities you are planning. Only take the essentials to keep your load light. Essentials include t-shirts, hats, shorts, pants, jumpers and bathers. As well as sneakers, walking shoes, and thongs for public showers.

Your next caravanning trip

The better you plan for your next caravan adventure, the more prepared you’ll be for those unexpected surprises, and the more comfortable you will be. Ensure your home away from home is also protected with caravan insurance. Check out CGU Insurance for more information.

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