Finding your first job can seem daunting, but we've made joining the workforce just that bit easier by creating this checklist that you can tick off as you begin your job seeker journey. Good luck!

  • Apply for your tax file number (TFN)

It’s good to get this out of the way as early as possible, because it can take up to 28 days to receive your TFN. Check out the ATO website for more info on applying for your TFN.

  • Clean up your social media

It’s common for employers to check a potential employee’s social media, so before you start applying for jobs you should make sure your social media is private and has no inappropriate posts.

  • Create your resume

First impressions count! Your resume should represent you positively and truthfully. When you first start out you might not have a lot of work experience, but you can list achievements from school, volunteering, or sport instead. Tip: it’s easy to make a cool resume that will stand out for free on Canva.

  • Ask for references

Your resume isn’t fully complete without references. It’s best to have at least two references if possible. Ask adults that you trust (like a teacher or activity leader) if they would mind being your reference and telling potential employers how great you are.

  • Search for jobs

There are a few different ways to look for jobs. You can apply online using websites like Seek or Indeed, ask your friends and family, or print out some copies of your resume and hit the pavement.

  • Write a cover letter

It’s best to keep a cover letter short and sweet (one page max.). Tip: Don’t use the same cover letter in every application. It’s important to write a different letter for each job application to make sure you are addressing the individual company and job selection criteria.

  • Prepare for interview

Congrats, you got your first interview! Great first impressions are important, so make sure you're well prepared. Study the company by looking at their website and social media, practice answers to common interview questions, dress to impress, and make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early on the day.

  • Celebrate

You got the job! Make sure to take some time to celebrate. You’ve earned it.

  • Research superannuation

Superannuation might not seem important right now, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself later. Research different superannuation options and talk to your employer if needed.

  • Open a bank account

Your hard-earned cash needs to go somewhere! Do your research to see which bank has the right account for you. Tip: If you’re under 21 or a full-time uni student, an account like our ‘Go to’ account is great because it has zero fees for you and can be accessed via free online banking to keep things easy.

  • Rock your first day

Take a deep breath, it’s the big day! Set yourself up for success on your first day of work by dressing in appropriate clothing, turning up early, carrying a pen, notebook, and water bottle, and wearing an enthusiastic smile. You’ve got this!

Download a free printable version of this checklist.

Please note this information is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. You should consider this before acting on any of the information contained.