We've all noticed that the cost of heating a home has risen significantly recently. It certainly can be a challenge in the depths of a Tassie winter to keep the thermostat at the right temperature at home, even in the most modern ones without an energy bill blowout. 

So, what can you do about it?

Well, we’ve come up with ten simple tips to make your home comfier this winter (and that may even save you a few dollars on your energy bill at the same time).

  • D.I.Y heat trap. There’s a reason why your mother closes her blinds or curtains right before the sun disappears and that’s to trap some of the day's heat inside and minimise the heat loss. Do this and you’re off to a good start.
  • Make sure you have the best window furnishings you can afford. If you are renting, installing double glazed windows probably isn’t an option (or even adding a transparent film – check with your landlord first). You could always try applying a temporary layer of bubble wrap to the windows of the rooms that need the most insulating - it sounds odd, but it can help!
  • Heat smart: room by room heating. Do you have a large house? Do you attempt to heat every square metre? It may sound simple but work out which rooms get the most use and only heat those.
  • Layer up. Are you guilty of swanning about the house in a t-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter? If that’s you, why not pop on a few more layers of clothing, turn the thermostat down and save a few dollars.
  • Set your thermostat at a moderate 18-20 degrees Celsius. If you find you are still cold, grab a blanket, and maybe cosy up with a special someone or a fur-baby to stay warm.
  • Shower power! We know sometimes all that will get you warm when you’re chilled to the bone is a nice long hot shower. But heating water costs money, so try and limit your showers to under 4 minutes. Buy yourself a shower timer or just set the timer on your phone. Reducing the length of time you spend in the shower, if only by a few minutes, can save money.
  • Grab a heat bag and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Good for loosening up those tight shoulder and neck muscles but as a bonus it will help you stay warm. Be careful not to overheat the bag though, those suckers can get mighty hot.
  • Hands up who has tried to heat an older house? Older houses (and some new ones too) can be drafty. The good thing about drafts is you can easily identify where they are and do something about them. Remember those funny snake things that laid across the bottom of your grandparent’s doors? Well, they were there for a very practical reason – to stop the cold air coming in and the hot air escaping. So, check your doors and windows, along skirting boards and floorboards. Some rooms may need ventilation so be careful not to shut off the vents that help maintain healthy air-flow and control condensation.
  • And, it’s always a good idea to check your heater is running efficiently. Make sure parts like the filter are clean. Have it serviced to make sure you're not paying more for your energy than you need.
  • Lastly, one of the best ways to stay warm is to keep active. If you’re feeling cold, make sure you get up, make those phone calls standing up, and move around your house. Better still, if you can get outside, go on... walk and talk! And you'll get a healthy dose of Vitamin D at the same time. 

Bonus tip: Heat the person, not the room! A heated throw or heated rug is an efficient and cost effective way to keep warm, especially if you're the only one at home and you're working in your home office or sitting on the couch. An electric blanket is also a good way to stay cosy. 

There you go, several very simple things that you can do to beat the chill this Tassie winter.

Stay warm!

Please note this information is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. You should consider this before acting on any of the information contained.