Winter is on its way!

7 simple life-hacks to make your home comfier inside when it's cold outside.

How's about this weather? Summer seems to have been holding on for grim life, giving Autumn a run for its money. Yet, the winter chill isn't about to give up the ghost that easily (too many cliches?)

It's been unseasonably warm this Autumn, but we do live in Tasmania which means it will eventually get cold. 

So, what can we do to stay warm indoors, reduce our energy use and not break the bank during the chilly months in Tassie?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a few simple life-hacks to make your home comfier when it's cold outside, and help lower your energy bills at the same time.

  1. There’s a reason why your mother tells you to close your blinds or curtains right before the sun disappears and that’s to trap some of the days heat inside and minimise the heat loss. Make sure you have the best window furnishings you can afford. If you are renting, installing double glazed windows probably isn’t an option (or even adding a transparent film – check with your landlord first). You could always try applying a layer of bubble wrap to the windows of the rooms that need the most insulating - it sounds odd but it works! 
  2. Do you have large house? Do you attempt to heat every square metre? Work out which rooms get the most use and only heat those.
  3. Pop on a few more layers of clothing, turn the thermostat down and save a few dollars. Set your thermostat at a moderate 18-20 degrees Celsius. If you find you are still cold, grab a blanket, and maybe cosy up with a special someone or a furbaby to stay warm.
  4. Clothes dryers are the world’s best invention, am I right? But they are also costly to run. Why not invest in an 'old-school' clothes airer? Leave it in a room you are heating and then if you still need to use the dryer you can throw your clothes in just to finish them off.
  5. Showers! Aren’t they the best when you are chilled to the bone? But like clothes dryers, heating water costs money. Buy yourself a shower timer or move with the times and set the timer on your phone. Reducing the length of time you spend in the shower, if only by a few minutes, can save money.
  6. Hands up who has tried to heat an older house? Older houses (and some new ones too) can be drafty. The good thing about drafts is you can easily identify where they are and do something about them. Remember those funny snake things that lay across the bottom of your grandparent’s doors? Well, they were there for a very practical reason – to stop the cold air coming in and the hot air escaping. So, check your doors and windows, along skirting boards and floor boards. Some rooms may need ventilation so be careful not to shut off the vents that help maintain healthy air-flow.
  7. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to check your heater is running efficiently. Have it serviced to make sure you are not paying more for your energy than you need to.

Here's hoping that by following a few of these tips, the colder months are a lot less cold and a lot more enjoyable!