A wave of nausea washes over you as you struggle to remember where it might be.

Did you take it to footy last week and not remember to put it back in, or maybe it’s still in your gym bag?

The good news is, you can now lock your card in our Smart Banking App while you search high and low for it.

And when you find it in your jeans back pocket … (must have still been in there from after work drinks on Friday!) you can unlock it and life goes back to the way it was …

Oh, and if you don’t find it … you can place a stop on it using the super handy ‘Report a Lost or Stolen card’ button in the App too!

Manage your card through our Smart Banking App

It's easy to...

Lock your card

Move the slider to lock your card while you search for it. All purchases and withdrawals including regular direct debits will be on hold until you unlock your card (payments in, like your pay or other credits will not be affected.)

Report a lost or stolen card and order a replacement

If you’re unable to find your card, you can place a stop on it and request a replacement one (make sure your address details are correct first before ordering).