Apple Pay allows you and any additional cardholder to make purchases at participating merchants, using an eligible Bank of us card loaded onto a compatible Apple device and registered with Apple Pay, without entering or providing a card number at the time of purchase.

For a list of compatible Apple devices please see

These Apple Pay Conditions of Use apply each time an eligible Bank of us card registered on Apple Pay is used on an Apple device to access the account linked to that card.

  1. Agreement to these Conditions of Use

When you add your eligible Bank of us card ("your card”) onto your compatible Apple device, you are agreeing to these Conditions of Use.

These Conditions of Use form part of our Disclosure Documents and apply in addition to our:

  • Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use;
  • Summary of Accounts, Availability of Access Facilities and Transaction Limits;
  • Fees & Charges;
  • Financial Services Guide;
  • Privacy Policy; and, if relevant
  • Conditions of Use for Visa Credit Card.

  1. Apple Pay provided by Apple

Apple Pay is provided by Apple, not by us.

We are not liable for the use, functionality or availability of Apple Pay, any Apple device or any disruption caused from the availability of contactless merchant terminals or reduced service levels caused by the failure of telecommunications networks.

You must agree to Apple's terms and conditions in order to register and use Apple Pay.

  1. Using your card with Apple Pay

Your card can be registered with Apple Pay to make contactless payments at participating retailers and perform purchases at participating online merchants.

To add your card, you must follow the procedures provided by us. In doing so, we may require you to adequately identify yourself via a variety of mechanisms to authenticate your request to register your card with Apple Pay. If we cannot authenticate your request to our satisfaction or if we suspect there may be attempted fraud, we may decline the request to add your card to Apple Pay.

We must have your valid mobile number to send you text messages and a valid email address to send you the welcome notification.

Once your card is registered with Apple Pay, you can use your Apple device and its security settings (such as passcode or biometric data) to authorise transactions on your account.

You can select your card as the default within your Digital Wallet to ensure your nominated card is used to complete a purchase.

The transaction limits that apply to your card do not change as a result of you adding your card to Apple Pay.

Fees and charges which apply to cards are described in our Fees & Charges document. We do not charge you any additional fees for adding or using your card with Apple Pay. You are responsible for all third-party charges associated with the use of Apple Pay such as carrier or mobile data charges.

Apple Pay may not work when the Apple device is not within range of a cellular or wireless internet connection. If the Apple device has not had a cellular or wireless internet connection for an extended time, there may be a delay before Apple Pay works, once reconnected.

Apple Pay may not be accepted outside of Australia, or at all places where your card is accepted.

Transactions performed via Apple Pay will use a Device Account Number, rather than your card number. Merchant receipts will include the partially masked Device Account Number.

  1. Security of your Apple device

You must take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to your Apple device. Anyone who has access to your Apple device could use it to perform transactions on your card using Apple Pay. You must ensure:

  • only your fingerprint and no one else's, is registered in your Apple device;
  • you do not allow anyone else's fingerprint to remain registered on your Apple device after you have loaded your card;
  • you keep your Apple device safe and secure;
  • you lock your Apple device when you are not using it or when you are leaving it unattended;
  • you install up-to-date anti-virus software on your Apple device; and
  • you remove the card details from your Apple device before disposing of it.

If you allow another person's fingerprint to be registered on your Apple device, or you share the device's passcode, you will be taken to have authorised that person to carry out transactions from your Apple device.

These transactions will be taken as yours and could lead to you incurring significant loss.

You must notify us immediately if your Apple device is lost or stolen or you believe the security of your Apple device, or passcode to access the device, has been compromised.

  1. Suspension or Termination of Apple Pay

We may suspend or terminate your use of Apple Pay if:

  • your card is cancelled, blocked or suspended;
  • you breach these Conditions of Use, or the Conditions of Use listed under section 1;
  • we, Apple or a card network provider reasonably suspects fraud;
  • if we are required to do so under any legislation or law, or if required to by a regulatory or government body;
  • if our arrangements with Apple regarding Apple Pay cease or are suspended; and
  • for any other reason we deem appropriate.

You may remove your card from Apple Pay by following the instructions provided on your device by Apple.

You can ensure your card cannot be used with Apple Pay on your Apple device by:

  • signing out of iCloud;
  • undertaking a full restore and backup of your Apple device;
  • removing your passcode, fingerprint recognition or other unlock method from your Apple device; or
  • erasing your Apple device on Apple "Find My iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac”.

  1. Data Collection and Privacy

You agree we may exchange information relating to the Apple device on which your card is registered and disclose your transaction history to Apple in order to facilitate your Apple Pay experience.

Apple may also use your personal information for different purposes. Please review Apple's terms and conditions and privacy policies carefully.

We may also exchange your information with other service providers (such as Visa) in order to facilitate any purchase you initiate via Apple Pay.

By registering your card with Apple Pay, you are providing consent for your information to be shared with these parties.

  1. Bank of us' Liability

We will not be liable for any loss arising from your use of Apple Pay to the extent the loss was caused by:

  • your contribution to the fraud;
  • your failure to adequately secure your device, or protect any passcode used to access your device;
  • your use of Apple Pay or your Apple device in a manner not permitted by Apple (for example, by obtaining root access to your Apple device); or
  • subject to your rights under the ePayments Code, a reduced level of service caused by matters beyond our reasonable control (for example, those caused by third party software and network providers).

If you fail to comply with any of the requirements stated in this section, you are taken to have authorised any purchase made using Apple Pay on your Apple device and as such, the transaction cannot be deemed as an unauthorised transaction.

  1. Changes to these Conditions

We may change these conditions at any time and will notify you in accordance with our standard terms. By using Apple Pay you agree to us communicating with you electronically in relation to your set up and use of Apple Pay and these conditions.

We may require you to confirm your acceptance of any change to these conditions prior to you continuing to use your card in Apple Pay.

  1. Trademarks

Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Face ID, iPad, iPhone, Safari, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  1. Definitions

‘Apple' means Apple Inc. and is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

‘Apple Pay' means the mobile payment and digital wallet service created by Apple that lets users make purchases using compatible Apple devices and credit cards and debit cards registered on such Apple devices.

‘Bank of us' means B&E Ltd. trading as Bank of us ABN 32 087 652 088, AFSL & Australian Credit Licence 236870.

‘Device' means any mobile device which contains near field communication technology and the minimum required iOS operating system. This can include a smartphone, tablet, watch or other device deemed eligible for the use of Apple Pay.

‘Device Account Number' means the number created by the Scheme Provider and stored on your device. This number represents your card number and is used by Apple Pay to process an Apple Pay payment.

‘eligible Bank of us card' means any Visa debit or credit card issued by Bank of us.

‘passcode' means anything required to unlock an Apple device, including a password, passcode, pattern or biometric identifier (where applicable).

‘Scheme Provider' means Visa Inc.

‘Service Provider' means any third-party used to facilitate an Apple Pay purchase.

‘we', ‘us' or ‘our' means Bank of us.

Apple Pay now available with Bank of us

The small, small print:

For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Face ID, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Mac, MacBook Pro, Safari, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This information is general information and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Before acquiring any financial product or payment facility, you should consider if the product or payment facility is appropriate for you. We recommend that you read the relevant Conditions of Use which is available at any Bank of us Retail Store, by calling 1300 306 716 or from our website, prior to applying.